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Running Injuries

Posted on October 14, 2023 by Rod Friberg

Athletes and professional runners who've high arches will probably suffer stress fractures and small cracks in the bones of these feet. People who have low arches face a threat of suffering kneecap pains. Individuals, who've a running rate of six miles each hour, don't realize that their foot hits the bottom with a larger force almost 3 x the weight of these body. The faster an individual runs, the harder the heels strike the bottom. This force will break bones, damage joints or tear muscles. When people roll their legs inward, the low leg is twisted excessively. This causes the kneecap to rub contrary to the long femur bone and escalates the pain. This problem is called "Runner's Knee."

When walking or running, if people have problems with pains behind the joints, you should consult with a podiatrist. If the arches may actually look flatter than normal, your toes generally roll inward to the touch the ground. In order to avoid this injury, specialists insert a particular material called "orthotics" in the jogging shoes. The treatment also contains a special sort of exercise, so the vastus medialis muscles in the kneecaps are pulled inwards and strengthen. Periodically individuals develop pain in the medial side of these calf or their feet. Because of this, the podiatrist orders a bone scanner to check on if you can find any stress fractures, or if small cracks are occurring in the bones of your feet. For those who have a higher arch with stress fractures, the physician will suggest special padded jogging shoes. This helps decrease the pressure of hitting the bottom hard while running. Inflammation of the ligament that connects the calf muscle to the knee causes pain that differs could be minute to acute. Treatment because of this must include regular massages to the calf muscle. If the ligament is torn, then surgery could be necessary. In order to avoid injuries while running, people must be sure that appropriate jogging shoes are worn.