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Q: Is this site really free?

A: Yes, is 100% free and we are able to stay free due to surveys and ad's that we place on our website.

Q: Is safe?

A: Our website is safe as it uses HTTPS secure 256-bit encrypted connection.
You can check our website on safe web Norton by clicking the following link Click Here

Q: How do i get points?

A: You can gain points by using your unique referral link and sending it to your friends and family members.

Q: How do you send prizes?

A: All prizes that are keys, pins or codes are sent via email of your choice.

Q: What is the best way to get points fast?

A: There is a few tricks and tips you can use to gain points fast, the best one is to post on public game related websites and forums.

Q: Someone clicked my link but i did not get a point?

A: Our referral system works 100% it is most likely that the person you invited did not click your link or you just may need to do a simple refresh. Please also beware you can not invite anyone who is NOT new to our website nor can you invite anyone on the same IP/Household as yourself nor anyone who has already clicked some else's link.

Q: I completed a survey but the page did not unlock?

A: Sometimes the page will not unlock due to the information you entered on our partners website, please make sure you use full complete details or try another survey.
Things such as having an ad-blocking browser plugin, disabled cookies, entering fake information, using a proxy or an overzealous anti-virus/anti-spyware program that blocks tracking cookies/pixels can also cause a survey not to unlock.

Q: May i request custom rewards?

A: Yes you may request a custom reward, send your custom reward details to and we will try and add your reward to our website.

Q: The prize i want is out of stock, when will there be more in stock?

A: We buy new stock every week on a Monday, please check back on Monday morning.

Q: I keep seeing this message "There doesn't appear to be any offers available for your country."

A: Please try again in a few hours as surveys are updated often.

Q: I keep seeing a white screen when trying to claim a prize.

A: This means that its likely you have an Ad blocker on your computer or browser please disable it and try again.

Q: I have a dynamic IP and my points keep resetting to 0.

A: Don't worry our staff came up with an idea to stop this, please use our "My Account" page to recover your points.

Q: My Prize is "Pending" what should i do?

A: This message means your account has not yet fully claimed a prize, please go to our main page and click the Claim button to carry on claiming your prize.

Do you still have a question for us that we have not answered here? You can contact us on our Support Page.

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